5 Reasons to Get a Snow Melt System

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If only a snow melt could happen with the flip of a switch when winter comes. Along with it comes piles of snow, sleet, ice, and all the work you must do to deal with it. Now is the best time to move, as snow melt system installers are sure to experience a rush during the fall and winter months. We’ll show you five reasons to get a snow melt system now from saving your sanity to your safety to the environment.

What is a Snow Melt System?

A snow melting system is a convenient method of quickly removing snow and ice on surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, and much more. The system eliminates the need for you to perform snow removal tasks, such as shoveling and salting. The system can be as narrow as two feet for something such as tire tracks or as wide as the whole driveway.

How Does a Snow Melt System Work?

Snow melt systems are available in two different models classified by heat source: electric resistance/radiant heat or heat delivered as a fluid. Located underground these systems will work during a severe storm. The type of structure best determines which type of system gets recommended.
Electrically powered snow melt systems are beneficial because they require less maintenance than fluid-use snow melt systems. They have fewer moving parts and need no corrosive chemicals. These snowmelt systems are easy to operate and often used for residential purposes.
A fluid-based snow melt system works using hot water run through plastic tubing, embedded underneath the area(s) in which you don’t want the snow to accumulate. Antifreeze may also be used in the tubing to keep snow from forming or melt it when it does. These systems are more beneficial for commercial or industrial uses.
Both snow melt systems use an automatic activation device that starts the system when it senses precipitation and freezing temperatures. The device also deactivates the system when temperatures rise above freezing. It is a great feature because you are not required to constantly check the temperature to make sure it is operating as you need it. Your installer will show you how to operate the device and make sure it is in working order before leaving you to it.

1. No More Shoveling

According to Web MD, over 11,000 adults and children are sent to the hospital every year due to snow shoveling injuries. Adults over the age of 55 are four times as likely to receive an injury related to snow shoveling. A few of the most common injuries include broken bones, damage to the back, head injuries, and even potentially deadly cardiac events. And ultimately, it’s just a pain to shovel snow. Your new snow melt system can ensure you never touch a shovel again.

With 168 miles of tubing coiled beneath the concrete, Holland, MI is the largest publicly-owned snowmelt system in the country, according to the city’s research.
– Holland Board of Public Works

2. Better Safety

There are other safety benefits to owning a snow melt system, along with avoiding snow shoveling injuries. These systems can have tons of safety benefits for you, your family, and any visitors, including but not limited to:

  • Reduce the chance of slips and falls due to snow, sleet, ice, etc.
  • Clear access to pathways, heated driveways, and points of entry to the property.
  • Reduced chance of injury from snow blowers such as cuts, bruises, shocks, etc.
  • Less chance of a vehicle slipping on the way in and out of the driveway.
  • Reduced risk of liability should a visitor to your home be injured such as a guest, postman, delivery person, and others.

3. Increase in Property Value

No one in the Northeast enjoys snow around their home. Some prospective home buyers won’t even consider buying a home unless it comes with a snow melt system. However, the systems are still new, and no reliable numbers exist, making an ROI calculation difficult. We’ll have to use common sense. Assuming a system costs $5,000 to install, it adds at least $5,000 to your home’s value, especially if the system is still under warranty. Buyers will also not have to deal with the hassle of the selection and installation process – easy as it is.

4. Cost Effective

Snow melt systems do come with an upfront cost. However, they tend to pay you back over time in many different ways, including:

  • No more purchasing chemicals to clear your pathways.
  • Decreased damage to your property from salts, snow shovel blades, etc.
  • No need for shovels, plows, blowers, and other snow removal equipment.
  • Snow melt systems help prevent damage to concrete to make it last longer.
  • No more paying for others to clear your property.
  • Optional “spot” snow melt systems for those who need a specific area or two covered.

5. A Snow Melt Systems is Better for the Environment

Snow melt systems are also better for the environment. They remove harsh chemicals from being used on your property, ultimately being washed away into the sewers. Many models use electricity which has few to no emissions, especially when compared to a snowblower or plow. The systems are also energy-efficient, with up to 99% of the electricity used going to melt snow. They also protect your surrounding plant life by not exposing them to damage via blades, plows, chemicals, etc.

Schaible’s Snow Melt Systems

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