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Green It (installment 8)

Schaible's Plumbing - Wednesday, December 15, 2010
You may have noticed one of the less attractive signs of an approaching winter: a coating of ice on your driveway, walkways, or sidewalk. There are greener ways to deal with ice, but this month we’re also giving you some healthy hints for a safe new year:
  • Stay off your slippery roof. Hospital stays are not green.
  • Use sand or environmentally safe ice melts where possible. Just remember that all ice melts need time to work, so read the directions on the bag.
  • While you’re reading those directions, check that you’re not using more ice melt than the manufacturer suggests. Avoid waste and be greener.
  • Ice can damage water-carrying pipes (and sometimes cause them to burst), so be sure any pipes that run along an outside wall are insulated.
  • Turn off lines to outside water spigots. This simple act may not only prevent a burst pipe; it can prevent a pool of ice from forming where someone might slip. It’s also a damage  prevention measure in that whatever freezes will melt when temperatures rise—and is likely to drip into your basement, garage or first floor.

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Dave and Karen Briegs

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