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Go Green and Save Green on St. Patrick's Day

Schaible's Plumbing - Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Green it: Water

There are two sides to environmentally friendly water practices:

1. Conserving the amount of water we use; and
2. Conserving the amount of energy it takes to heat the water we use.

Fortunately, saving on water use can be cheap and easy. Start with inexpensive aerators on faucets. Step it up by installing water-saving shower heads - in most homes, showers are the leading consumers of hot water, so this easy step saves energy as well. Water softeners discharge water as part of the softening process, so if you have a water softener, check that it’s not sending soft water to any outside pipes or spigots. There are also effortless and free ways to conserve water, such as washing clothes in cold water. Car washes use less water than washing your car at home, so consider that option as well.

Green it: Air

In this part of the country we enjoy four seasons, but at least two of those seasons are guaranteed to use energy to heat and cool our homes. We’re likely to combine those heating and cooling processes with some method of removing excess moisture from the air when it’s hot and muggy, or returning moisture to excessively dry air in the winter. Thus, there are lots of savings to be found in conserving heating and air conditioning energy expenditures, as well as air quality equipment.

First up is a simple scheduling task: make sure you change your air filters regularly. Dirty air filters cut down on heating and cooling efficiency, as well as forcing any air quality equipment you have to work harder. Some air filter types need to be replaced more often than others, and every home has different needs as well - for example, a home with multiple large pets may need filters changed more often than a home with no pets.

Insulation is more costly but can save more money, too. Insulating your home can even lower the size of the furnace you’ll need, leading to far greater savings. Don’t forget that windows and doors are also part of your home’s insulating system. You can easily make windows and doors more airtight without replacing them. Most home improvement centers carry weatherproofing kits specifically for windows or doors, so you don’t need a list of items to buy in order to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Keep the Green Going

Water and air within your home are the two main venues through which you can conserve energy and resources, but there are many other ways in which you can conserve, such as landscaping, lighting (indoor and outdoor), and energy efficient appliances. It’s easy to inventory ways to save energy as well. Just note the tasks you perform in daily living. The odds are good that there’s a greener way to perform any given task. The odds are even better that the greener way is the less expensive way and perhaps even the easier way.

Of course, when the time comes to replace an old HVAC product with a new energy efficient A/C system, just give us a call at 908-537-6770. At Schaible’s, we’re always there for you.
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The work was accomplished with meticulous care and clean-up. I am a "Mr." (Mrs.) CLEAN type of housekeeper, and I was concerned that I would have to get my pail and scrub brush out when the work was completed. Not so! I am very satisfied with the service. The hot water is just the correct temperature.

Dorothy F. (Clinton, NJ)

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