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Green It (Installment 9)

Schaible's Plumbing - Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Last month we talked about avoiding ice build-up and using ice melts. This month we’ll go a step greener: how to avoid using salt altogether:
  • Sand can be a safe, green alternative to salt or chemical ice melts. Unlike salt and some chemicals, sand can actually improve some soil conditions in a flower bed.
  • Remember that sand won’t melt ice or snow. The purpose of sand is to give you traction as you walk or drive over it.
  • If you choose to shovel snow, wax your shovel first with floor wax. It will keep the snow from sticking to your shovel and make shoveling easier.
  • If you need to quickly melt ice in a small area, pour a pitcher or bucket of hot water over the ice. Just bear in mind that this is an emergency measure, since it may take more than one bucket to melt the ice and the water will quickly refreeze.
  • There are different types of salt, so if you can’t completely avoid using it then choose the most environmentally safe form: magnesium chloride.

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