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Green It (Installment 11) - Get Ready for Heating Season

Schaible's Plumbing - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As the heating season starts to ramp up, it’s inevitable that heated air will flow from your home to the cold outdoors. Some indoor-to-outdoor heat exchange is necessary and healthy, but too much is simply a waste of energy and money. You can take proactive preventive measures to stop conditioned air from leaving your home:

  • Check the gaskets and weatherstripping around your doors and windows. Simply opening doors and windows and observing their edges can reveal tears, gaps and deterioration in the rubber or other weatherproofing material.
  • If weatherstripping doesn’t exist on doors and windows, install it. Weatherstripping is inexpensive and easy to install. Few energy-saving measures give as much ‘bang for the buck’ as weather-stripping.
  • Don’t forget the caulk. The technology used to create caulking materials and packaging has increased exponentially in recent years, so you don’t need a caulking gun or extra tools anymore to quickly seal openings in your home’s exterior envelope.  If you have children, you can even make a game out of finding spots where cold air is coming in.
  • Homes have many vents to the outside, but some are designed to close when not venting. Debris or a rusty hinge can prevent proper vent closure. Are your vents closing properly when they’re not in use? If not, you’ll feel cold air coming through the vent. Don’t forget the outside of the vent, either (where the vent goes through the roof, ceiling, or wall). WARNING: Do not seal a vent or vent door unless you’re sure it’s supposed to close - some vents are supposed to remain open, and it can be dangerous to tamper with them.

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