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Give the gift of comfort this Valentine's Day

Schaible's Plumbing - Saturday, February 05, 2011
Do you feel like you’re surrounded by a desert of snow? Like a desert, winter can feel unbearably dry. No one wants to see their loved ones with parched skin, painful sinuses, or dry eyes. Fortunately, Schaible’s makes it easy to give your family a comfortable oasis in the middle of this particularly tough winter.

Moisturize Dry Air

A whole-house steam humidifier is a gift that the entire family will appreciate year after year. In fact, after a short time they’ll wonder how they lived without it. You will, too. An automatic humidity control assures that you won’t have to haul out heavy room humidifiers or water to fill them up.

Keep Them Warm

Leaving a warm bed for a blast of cold air should not be a given during the winter. A programmable thermostat is an affordable gift to your whole family. It raises the temperature at a time of your choosing so you can wake up to a warm home and come home to warmth as well. You can even select a programmable thermostat that raises the heat in selected zones at different times. Your family will appreciate the comfort of warmth in the middle of winter’s icy grip, and you’ll appreciate the savings that a programmable thermostat provides.

Remove Pollutants

Single-digit temperatures mean more than just discomfort from the cold. Your home is closed up and that means its air quality may not be as clean as it should be. Schaible’s installs electronic air cleaners for the whole house. If a family member suffers from allergies that worsen in the winter, an air cleaner is a gift that will be appreciated. February Special! Get a $100 discount coupon for air quality products here.

Pamper Them

Valentine’s Day often means a box of chocolates that is soon empty, a piece of jewelry or clothing that goes out of style, or flowers that last a week or two at best. We can help you select a gift they’ll enjoy for years to come. Call us for ideas at every price point, from a shower massager to a whirlpool tub. We’re happy to help, because Schaible’s is always there for you.
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May I just say that all the folks I have encountered over time that work for Schaibles are excellent. They are professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

I am forever a Schaibles customer, and will never have a problem recommending your services to anyone.

Carmen R., Pittstown, NJ

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