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April 14, 2020by Patrick Schaible0

Notice the shortage of toilet paper lately? Do you wish there was a better way? We recommend you learn all about bidets, their benefits, and how they can make any future pandemic a little easier.

What is a Bidet?

For those of you new to the area, a bidet is pronounced bi with a short “i” plus “day.” It sounds French because it is. The device itself is simple; it is essentially a shallow toilet that sprays water on your bottom after doing your business.

The process may sound strange, but the bidet is a preferable alternative to manual wiping in many cultures. The bidet is commonly used in many residential bathrooms across the globe in Europe, South America, and Asia. In Japan, over 70% of households contain a bidet, and when was the last time you saw filth in Japan? In some European countries, a bidet is required by law to be present in every bathroom containing a toilet bowl.

Bidets come with a ton of benefits including but not limited to:

1. Better Hygiene

Do you ever feel like you fully wiped? Does it take you two or three tries to get it right? A bidet can take care of that for you by literally doing the dirty work. Dry toilet paper can leave you unclean and can even leave some residue behind that is unsanitary. A bidet uses water to eliminate any residue left on you. Users report feeling refreshed and cleaned as opposed to feeling “wiped down” and still dirty in some way.

Also, a bidet is hands-free, allowing you to leave your hands free and clean no matter what just happened on the bidet.

2. Bidets are Better for the Environment

According to Fortune, Americans use three rolls of toilet paper per week. Factor in 330 million Americans, and the total comes to 51.48 billion rolls per year with each American using 156 rolls per year. Imagine cutting back on this just 10%. Additionally, the toilet paper manufacturing process requires large amounts of energy, water, packing, bleach, and more. A bidet greatly reduces the toilet paper we need when using the bathroom without sacrificing on cleanliness.

3. Bidets Can Alleviate Certain Conditions

There are all sorts of issues one can face when going to the bathroom that a bidet can help alleviate, ranging from urinary tract infections to hemorrhoids. A bidet that uses a warm water spray is a good alternative for those who experience bleeding when they wipe.

Millions of Americans live with hemorrhoids or are at risk of developing them. The most common patients include pregnant women and the elderly. Hemorrhoid patients who use a bidet report relief from the stream along with eliminating the need to wipe. A bidets warm water stream can also promote blood circulation in the skin around the hemorrhoids.

Toilet paper is in short supply these days. In anticipation of a coronavirus shutdown, people around the world cleared supermarket shelves of bathroom tissue—for reasons psychologists don’t entirely understand. But a select population was sitting pretty, knowing they had nothing to fear: bidet owners.

Bidets originated in 17th-century Europe but were perfected in the 1980s in Japan. They clean butts with a carefully-angled stream of water instead of a wad of temperate rainforest. While many cultures have embraced the nozzle, it’s faced some severe resistance in the United States. But new, cheaper devices, a growing concern about the environmental disaster that is conventional TP, and, perhaps, a pandemic, maybe the bidet’s breakthrough moment.

Types of Bidets

The basic bidet is as described above. However, there a few bidet options to choose including:

  1. Standalone bidets – The standalone unit is an entirely separate bidet located inside the bathroom, usually next to the toilet. They are the more conventional choices, used for centuries. They can come with one or two spray options: for the front and the back. They can also come with features such as adjusting the temperature and strength of the stream.
  2. Wall mounted bidets – These sound exactly like what they are, and a great option for those of you with limited bathroom space. The ladies don’t need to worry either. They can use these bidets as well.
  3. Over the rim bidets – These units may be a sort of standalone bidet. They simply fill themselves with water to the rim with a faucet. You would sit inside the water and use your hands to clean. Many Americans are reluctant to this approach, but it is an option.
  4. Toilet seat bidets – Consider them a sort of attachment to your existing toilet that provide a bidet feature. They can be operated manually or electrically. We highly recommend having a professional install them to ensure they are attached properly to the clean water lines.
  5. Elongated bidets – They are ideal for larger users.
  6. Toilets with built-in bidets – The fixtures beautifully combine the functionality of a toilet and the cleanliness of a bidet all in one unit. You’ll have the functionality of both in one device.

Need to see more for yourself? Click here to see an industry-leading line of bidets from a top manufacturer.

The TOTO® Drake® WASHLET®+ Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.28 and 0.8 GPF DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® Toilet with Contemporary WASHLET S550e Bidet Seat is designed to conceal the WASHLET+ power cord and water supply hose for a seamless installation. Schaible’s Plumbing & Heating offers many bidet options to choose from.

All About Bidets in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

We can professionally select, install, inspect, and repair your bidets, as well as address traditional plumbing needs. Our service areas include all of northern and central New Jersey as well as Eastern PA – including Hunterdon County, Warren County, Somerset County, and Morris County. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote on getting a bidet in your homes.

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