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Ice and Snow Melt Systems

Picture waking up to see a scenic winter wonderland from your bedroom window. Unfortunately, the beauty of the scene evaporates as you realize that you’ll be late for work or an important appointment—the plow hasn’t arrived to clear your driveway, or you ‘are’ the plow. You may have serious safety concerns about the steps leading from your home, or a family member may be dependent upon a cleared ramp.

There is also the financial impact of snow and ice removal. How do you plan for what may be many trips made by a snowplow during the season? Do you worry that a visitor may slip and fall on your property? Have you been forced to replace dead or damaged shrubbery and grass that was damaged by salt? Are you tired of paying for salt? Has a plow damaged your driveway, walkway, or lawn?

There is a far easier solution than moving to the Sun Belt. Schaible’s installs ice and snow melt systems that automatically prevent build-up of frozen precipitation. A heated driveway and walkway system can be installed during construction or retrofitted into an existing surface.

Heated Driveway System Installation
Another NJ customer happy to wake up to their heated driveway and walkway.

These radiant heating systems work by circulating a nontoxic anti-freeze liquid through environmentally friendly PEX tubing. A system can be installed for cement, asphalt, stone or paver surfaces. A hydronic system controller and sensors enable the ice and snow melt system to automatically de-ice your driveway and walkways when weather conditions warrant its activation. You can even use a remote start/stop device for the ultimate in convenience.

If you can’t swing a full ice and snow melt system, we can still help you with those trouble spots that plague you after every winter storm. Schaible’s installs ‘spot melt’ systems that will clear areas of particular concern to you. This is a great way to deal with stairs and ramps about which you have safety concerns on your driveway, stairs, ramp or any other area on your property.

Call us at 908-537-6770 or submit a request online for a quote on a full or spot ice and snow melt system. We’ll be happy to come out and evaluate your options. Schaible’s is always there for you.

Our snow melt heated driveway system installation area covers all of northern & central New Jersey and Eastern PA - including Hunterdon County, Warren County, Somerset County, and Morris County. Our location is convenient to Clinton, Flemington, Readington, Tewksbury, Whitehouse, Washington, Hackettstown, Phillipsburg, Bridgewater, Somerville, Branchburg, Long Valley, and Chester.


We have used Schaible’s Plumbing & Heating many times in our home. They’re always very professional and we trust them. We were impressed when we changed plans and they stuck the original price established for the job. Schaible’s went above and beyond by doing the little extras to make the job truly complete.

Dave and Karen Briegs

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