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With all the concern over COVID-19, everyone is wondering how they can improve the indoor air quality in their home or business. We at Schaible’s have had extensive expertise in the area. We provide top notch air conditioning and heater maintenance services to ensure they are working optimally. However, there is more you can do improve your air quality. We will show you how below.

Consider Air Purification Systems

New lines of air purification products can do a lot to improve the air quality in your home. It is essential to know what each does, what the issues on your property are, and how much square footage you need covered.

Air Purification for Humidity

Humidity in your property can do more than give you a bad hair day. You may be promoting mold growth and allergy symptoms if your air is too humid. Air that is too dry can lead to undesirable effects such as allergies and dry eyes. Humidity levels that go too low or too high should be addressed in order to avoid these conditions. Improper humidity levels can also lead to:

  • Development of or increased allergies.
  • An increase in static cling.
  • Dry or itching skin or scalp.
  • Dry throat or nasal passages.
  • Increased or frequent coughing.
  • Headaches.
  • Increase in the development of viruses.
  • Premature damage of wood furniture, appliances, or other household item that needs certain conditions to operate property.

The right humidification solution may be integrated within your existing HVAC system for convenience. It can also help you reduce or eliminate these sorts of issues. Be sure to get a professional to help you select the right system for your property. We regularly recommend Aprileaire systems for easy installation and reliable performance. Your HVAC tech should also make sure it is installed correctly, is working properly, and that the warranty is intact.

Air Purifier for Dust, Dander, and More

Does your home have many occupants? Maybe you have several four legged occupants in your home. Are you a smoker? You may also need extra air purification to ensure they are all breathing the best air possible. For example, dust can accumulate on all sorts of areas where a regular household cleaning won’t get to it. Ceiling fans attract dust when standing still or even moving. Friction in the air creates a static charge that attracts dust to the blades. It gets in the upholstery. Dust accumulation can get into your computer, mobile device, and other electronics to wreak havoc. Air filters on your HVAC unit are designed to trap dust but can only do so if it passes through the unit. An extra layer of protection may be necessary for properties that may have excessive dust accumulation.

Woman dusting

Air Purification for Health

A little-known fact is that air purifiers can also be used to combat germs, bacteria, and even viruses. In fact, they can even help stop the spread of the Coronavirus and COVID 19. They can work with the help of UV lights, special filters, and a number of other tools. However, it is important to make the right choice on your air purifier. This is why we recommend:

The iWave Air Purifier

The iWave system is the top of the line name in air purifiers. It is an air purifying device that uses the existing ductwork to distribute ions. Their purpose is to reduce pathogens when air passes through it. Allergens, particles, smoke, odors, and other contaminants are cleaned. The resulting air is a healthier choice for you and your family. Another reason we love the iWave is that it works without producing any harmful byproducts and runs quietly.

Don’t believe us? You may click here to read the results of an iWave vs. COVID 19 study.


Consider your home’s air quality before reaching for the medicine cabinet! Conditions like coughing and dry throat or nose can be environmentally caused.

In conclusion

Unfortunately, how to properly improve indoor air quality isn’t something that can be done by plugging in a wall unit or buying a few plants. They can help with that immediate area but cannot accomplish what a professionally selected and installed device can. We highly recommend you consult a trusted professional in your area. They can expertly test the air quality in the home. They can then make recommendations for products and solutions that fit your needs. Finally, they can professionally install the product. This is important to ensure the device works properly and is in compliance with its warranty. If you are considering an iWave, take into consideration your needs and desired outcomes to see if it’s right for you.

We at Schaible’s are experts in improving air quality for Hampton, Clinton, Flemington, and all of Central New Jersey. We can help you choose among the many air purification and humidity control models. In addition, we can also expertly install them into your existing or new cooling or heating system.

Is the iWave device right for your family?

If you want clean air and wish to protect against COVID-19, the iWave device is worth further consideration. Use the form at the right and let’s start the conversation.

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