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December 22, 2021by Patrick Schaible0

Valve tags provide safety and convenience but are not limited to the commercial or mechanical environments as the featured photo here depicts. Sure, you can easily understand how using valve tags to explain their use or importance, but they play and equally important role in your house.

Valve tags help you identify pipe valves to help prevent injuries and accidents. You may attach them directly to your valves, controls, and knobs for instant identification of any potential risks. These tags can come in materials like paper, aluminum, brass, plastic, stainless steel, and other types to meet any application whether residential, commercial, or industrial. Specialty valve tags often are designed with custom fonts, colors, sizes, and more.

Immediate Reasons to Tag Emergency Water and Gas Valves

Your valves are stable now. That will not be so in the event of an accident. If a valve breaks, it can do anything from spew hot water to gas to noxious fumes in a matter of seconds. In these cases, the correct valve may not be so easy to identify. The right tag in the right area can save you the hassle of locating the right component and ultimately save your property. The longer the leak is allowed to happen, the more damage it will inevitably do. Likewise, you need to know the proper valve if performing maintenance.

It is critical to take the proper amount of time to learn about the best tagging practices, whether you are using them for the first time or want to improve on an existing system. Valve tags have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of spills, leaks, accidents, and injuries when done properly.

What are Valve Tags?

Valve tags are any tag that any be attached to a valve, usually found at the end of a pipe. These should use a material and ink or printing process that can stand the test of time. You don’t want to write a tag on a piece of tape that is just going to fade or come loose as time goes by. Tags range in size from a dime-sized circle to large tags with specific instructions. It is important to know which tag to choose for the right valve. In commercial and industrial uses, the facility may choose its tags, but note that there are standards from OSHA and ANSI that companies must follow.

Examples of Residential Valve Tags

Valve tags aren’t just for industrial or commercial use. They are also useful for home use in helping you and your family identify the correct valve, pipe, etc. in the case of an emergency. For example, your shower and bathtub probably have the hot and cold water valves already clearly marked. A few other examples include:

  • Identification of hot and cold water pipes.
  • Water valves under the sinks and behind the refrigerator.
  • To identify the main water line.
  • Some newer houses have all water lines to all outlets identified in a control panel.
  • Outlet valves for drainage, air conditioner, and others.
  • Inlet valves for air conditioner and other HVAC systems.
  • Valves for outdoor water sources such as water hoses.
  • Valves for gas sources such as the oven, stove, and other appliances.
  • All valves on the water heater.

Unless you are a professional plumber and gas professional, it is important to have all of the above outlets properly labeled along with any other related ones as soon as possible. Have a valve at your property that you don’t know what it carries? Get it identified and tagged as soon as possible. As an added incentive, proper valve tags can help increase the value of your home.

Examples of Commercial and Industrial Valve Tags

In addition to having tags for valves in use for all of the above, commercial/industrial properties also use them to help identify items such as the following:

Plumbing Valve Tags – It is the general practice for all plumbing valves to be properly tagged so maintenance and other personnel can identify them. The practice of tagging allows them to see where issues arise and fix them as speedily as possible. Traditional plumbing is most likely to have the most issues such as clogged pipes, leaks, and much more, so it should be a tagging priority.

Water Pipe Valve Tags – Facilities often have many different kinds of water pipes running throughout. In most cases, the pipes end in a type of valve. Tagging them is crucial because the water running through them can contain anything from hot water to cold water to wastewater.

Chemical Valve Tags – Valves that release chemicals are essential and must be properly tagged. In most cases, these valves should be locked in addition to tagging. Locking ensures there will not be an accidentally opened valve.

Of course, Schaible’s customers receive our very own, durable and easy to read, valve tags as a part of our service. It’s in our DNA to be thorough.

Want to DIY it?

If you know which valve controls which type of flow, you can order gas valve tags here. These gas valve tags comply with NFPA 99 and CSA standards, and are CGA color-coded and gas-specific. The tags are durable and heat-resistant with a brass grommet.

Gas Valve Tags

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