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No, DIY Fixes Aren’t an Option

Your heating system isn’t like any appliance in your home. If you try to fix your broken TV with a screwdriver and some electrical pliers, you might get stuck without television for a few weeks while you plan on purchasing a new one.

Going without TV isn’t the end of the world, especially when we have phones and computers that can basically take its place while we wait for a good replacement. But your heating system is not like this.

Going without heat is not an option when temperatures get extremely cold. Most of the time, being without heat means a family has to move to a hotel room or stay with a family friend while it gets repaired, since your spouse and kids still need to live their lives with some semblance of normality.

Today, we want to remind our valuable customers why heater service in Warren, NJ is still just as vital as it used to be, and why a DIY fix is just not an option for modern heating appliances.

DIY Work Can Be Dangerous

First, let’s talk about one of the obvious negatives of working on something that you’re not familiar with. In the case of a gas furnace, trying to fix it yourself is going to be a health and safety hazard. Remember, these systems utilize natural gas which is flammable.

This is why trying to work on a gas line is usually illegal in most municipalities unless you have a specific license or certification. It can be a fire hazard if you mess something up, since gas can leak into your home.

Also, there are a lot of electrical components in your heating system, regardless of the type of unit it is. This means you’ll be in danger of electrocuting yourself if you’re not careful or familiar with the product.

It Can Be More Expensive

Have you ever gone to a hardware store for components when you’re trying to fix something, only to be surprised with how expensive they are? If you’ve ever wondered how an HVAC technician stays in business with these kinds of components, then we want to try and explain something in detail.

Many components and tools required for heating repair are actually expensive when not bought in bulk. HVAC professionals get great deals on state-of-the-art equipment and well-built components due to the fact that they own a business and use these all of the time. So, sometimes trying to do a DIY fix is going to cost you even more than you thought it would.

Frustration, Stress, and Mistakes

Our final, and still important point to make is that DIY fixes can be frustrating, stressful, and lead to mistakes. This is just something that comes with someone being untrained trying to work on a heating unit. If you thought trying to budget and pay for a professional HVAC repair was stressful, just wait until your system doesn’t work and you can’t tell if you’ve made the problem worse or not.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the vast majority of stress in this case by working with a trained professional for your heating system repairs.

Count on Schaible’s Plumbing & Heating Inc. to keep your home comfortable and your budget in tact.

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