Five Ways to Save Money on Your AC Bill

While it is difficult to save money on your AC bill, there are several things you can do to minimize your bill this summer, and five ways we know will help. Whether you cool your home with a traditional central air conditioner or mini-splits, here are five ways to save money on your costs over the coming few months.

1. Smarten Up Your Thermostat

Those newer smart thermostats are genuinely amazing. In the olden days, you could program a thermostat by day of the week and time. Nowadays, you may set your thermostat from your phone and even program the thermostat to learn your schedule, preferences, etc. Advanced temperature settings are one of the best ways to save money on your AC bill. You can program the system to work less when you are not home, fast asleep, on vacation, and much more. Even just a degree or two saved per day can add up big. Thus, smart thermostats can pay for themselves in not too long a time. They are also relatively easy to install if you have the know-how.

2. Change Those Filters

It’s no secret how we feel about changing the air filters in your HVAC unit. The practice doesn’t just save money on your bills, and it keeps you from over-spending to cool your home. Here are a few ways not changing air filters costs you money:

  1. Increased run time – Air sits in your ac unit whether it runs or not. Air gets stuck near the coil because it can’t pass through the filter. It moves slower than cleaner air, which puts an unnecessary strain on your unit.
  2. Clogs – Any air conditioning unit is a complex piece of machinery. All air cycles through it multiple times a day, including all the particles in the air a filter is supposed to capture. A dirty filter leads to clogging, which can block airflow and cause serious damage to the unit.
  3. Different temperatures for different rooms – Ever notice a “hot spot” in your home?
    Airflow is a complex thing. Certain rooms are closer to the air conditioner, while others are far away. A dirty air filter ensures that the rooms farthest from the unit will be the last to be cooled if they are cooled at all.
  4. Poor air quality – Indoor air quality can be worse than that of the outdoors. Poor air quality is especially an issue for those of you with a dirty air conditioner filter. Dirty air filters not only do not trap new dirty air, but they also recycle old dirty air back into the home.

Air filters should traditionally be changed every six months, but we recommend you check your owner’s manual. However, those of you with a lot of occupants, pets, smokers, and allergies may need to change filters more often.

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3. Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don’t technically cool the air. However, they do circulate the air to keep it from getting hot. The action makes the room breezy and windy while simulating a breeze. Ceiling fans allow you to set the air conditioner at a higher temperature, making it run less. They are inexpensive, relatively easy to install, can be stylish, adding allure to a room, and can even add resale value to your home. Best of all, ceiling fans use less energy than an air conditioner. You may also use free-standing fans, table fans, and more to keep your favorite cold instead of 100% relying on the air conditioner.

Be sure to have your fans installed and pointing to circulate the cold air down in the summer. Likewise, you may have them point up for the winter.

4. Get a Tune Up

An air conditioner is just like a car. It needs regular maintenance to run its best. For many homeowners, an investment into having your air conditioner maintained can pay for itself in the long run. Your technician will clean all the necessary components, check the drainage, refill refrigerants, and much more. They can also advise you of any impending issues your unit may be facing, many of which are cheaper to fix before they become cataclysmic.

Need to see more about air conditioner maintenance benefits? Click here to see a list from My Energy Geek.

Save Money on Your AC Bill in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

We can professionally maintain and repair your HVAC system, as well as address many other related needs for your home. Our service areas include all of northern and central New Jersey as well as Eastern PA – including Hunterdon County, Warren County, Somerset County, and Morris County. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote on a new HVAC system or maintaining your existing one.

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