Residential Plumbing Guide (the 5 Most Painful Issues)

March 27, 2020by Patrick Schaible0

Now that we are all mostly confined to our homes, we need our plumbing more than ever. We have put together this residential plumbing guide to the five most painful issues to keep you and your family safe from any disruption in your clean and wastewater services. Read below, and we will show you where to look.

1. Contaminants in the Water

Bacteria and chemicals in your water can make you sick, damage the pipes/fixtures/etc., and just make the water taste awful. One of the best ways to avoid this is to have your water tested for contaminants. It is common to find varying levels of lead, chlorine, and even arsenic. You can buy test kits from the hardware store or have a professional do the job. Contaminated water can be treated in numerous ways, including but not limited to:

Many of these options can be a good idea even if your water does meet minimum standards, as they can reduce the amount of water used, reduce the amount of cleanser you need, and make your water taste amazing.

2. Heating System Issues

There is a risk of catastrophic failure when your heating system isn’t properly maintained (even in the summer). Maintaining your heating units and water heaters starts with a review of your owner’s manual. This can include anything from simple tasks such as changing your filters regularly all the way to emptying and refilling your hot water heater.

3. Backflow Prevention

Backflow is the term used when water does not maintain a certain level of pressure in order to flow. It can result in contaminated water from storage, soil, or other sources to get pulled into your flow when pressure is reduced to unacceptable levels. The good news is backflow prevention is less costly than remediating the damage it causes, not to mention the possibility of litigation that can follow. Additionally, backflow can result heavy fines from your municipality, especially here in New Jersey.

4. Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump uses a float activator that detects when the water rises into your home’s foundation. It activated an electric pump to remove the water when it reaches a certain predetermined level. There are many different types of sump pumps that can fail for a number of reasons. These can include electrical failure, incorrect installation, or just death by old age. It is important to ensure these pumps are in good working order, so they are there when you need them. Besides, a failing sump pump can lead to mold entering the property.

5. Not Performing Regular Checks Each Year

Along with the above, other pain-causing problems, and they should be addressed. These issues appear in any good residential plumbing guide. You or a professional should perform the following tasks each year:

  1. Check each fixture in the home to verify they are in proper working condition including sinks, showers, laundry lines, etc.
  2. Check the water heater for drainage, lines, and other issues.
  3. All drain pipes should be checked to ensure they are working, not clogged, and not in any stage of failure.
  4. All the water pipes and lines should be checked to ensure they are leak free. This includes both cold and hot water lines.
At Schaible’s, we provide this service for free when you have a service call scheduled.
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Schaible’s Wrote the Residential Plumbing Guide on Painful Isses

We can professionally select, install, inspect, maintain, and repair your domestic plumbing issues, as well as address commercial ones. Our service areas include all of northern and central New Jersey as well as Eastern PA – including Hunterdon County, Warren County, Somerset County, and Morris County. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote on keeping your home running.

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