Scale Buildup and Hard Water Damage Your Home

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Hard water and scale buildup wreak havoc in a home’s water system. Left untreated, they can damage appliances and rack up huge expenses. But installing a solution can save you thousands of dollars of repairs down the road.

How Scale Buildup Develops, and What to Do About It

Natural sources of water contain trace amounts of metals and minerals, like magnesium and calcium. But hard water contains high amounts of these substances. So, just as calcium helps create bones, hard water can lead to the buildup of scale in your water system.

While you might think scale is easy to deal with, it is not. Soap and water won’t do the trick. Soap can bond with the calcium in hard water to create even more scale. And most scale buildup is inside pipes, where it is difficult to reach.

Instead of treating scale buildup, it is wiser to prevent it in the first place. The best way to do this is with a whole-home water treatment system, also known as a water softener. The adaptation of such a treatment solution helps prevent all the adverse effects of hard water and scale buildup, including:

  • Low water pressure and clogging
  • Damage to water fixtures and appliances
  • Higher water bills and more repairs
  • Foul tasting food and drink
  • Dry, rough, and faded laundry
  • Spotty dishes
  • Dry skin and hair

Let’s look at how scale buildup and hard water can damage you and your home.

Low Water Pressure and Clogging

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to shower with low water pressure. Scale buildup in your pipes can reduce water pressure, affecting sinks, showers, and faucets.

In the worst-case scenario, this can lead to clogged drains and pipes. While scale buildup alone might not create a clog, it narrows and obstructs pipes making it easier for food or debris to finish the job.

Damage to Water Fixtures and Appliances

Low water pressure and clogged pipes increase stress on all water fixtures. It’s a little like hardened arteries in the human body, leading to wear and tear on the circulatory system. So, for example, the tiny openings in your shower head can break, or pipes may burst or freeze in the winter.

Appliances connected to your water system are also in danger. Dishwashers and washing machines are particularly at risk because their delicate internal workings need a specific level of water pressure. At first, scale buildup might result in poor performance, but these machines can become damaged and break over time.

Like sinks and bathtubs, less complex appliances are prone to scale buildup and ugly stains when water doesn’t drain properly. While harmless, these stains are unsightly and difficult to clean. If you are considering selling your home in the future, remember that hard water-stained sinks and tubs can lower your property value.

Old shower head with plaque. Dirty plastic shower head.
Dirty faucet with limescale, calcified water tap with lime scale on washbowl in bathroom

Higher Water Bills and More Repairs

Damaged pipes and appliances often produce leaks. While a single, slow drip might look small, it can result in nearly 10,000 gallons of water lost every year.

If your water system has exposure to scale buildup and hard water, that means it has a greater risk of damage. In addition, the longer you let scale build in your pipes and appliances, the more repairs you will wind up having to make over the long term.

Foul Tasting Food, Dry laundry, Spotty dishes, and Dry skin

Hard water passing through scale-filled pipes winds up in your kitchen faucet and ultimately in your homemade chicken soup or spaghetti. It carries with it any gunk that has attached itself to the scale buildup in your pipes. The result is food and drink that taste funny and may even look visibly discolored.

That same water washes your clothes with high levels of metals and minerals, making clothes feel dry and rough. So if you find yourself pumping more and more fabric softener into your washing machine with every load, then something may be wrong with your water.

What water does to your clothes will also do to your dishes. It doesn’t matter if you hand wash them or use a dishwasher; when dry, a filmy discoloration remains from the same stuff that makes the scale in your pipes.

And hard water can even affect your body when you shower. The scale buildup transfers to your skin and hair and causes excessive dryness.

How to Avoid Scale Buildup and Hard Water Damage

The best way to avoid scale buildup is with a whole-home water treatment system (a water softener). This appliance takes all the water coming into your house and reduces the levels of metals and minerals.

Installing a water softener can save you many headaches. It will help keep your pipes clear and your appliances undamaged. It will keep your laundry soft and prevent your food and drink from tasting funny. And best of all, it will save you thousands of dollars in repairs over the years.

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