Why You Should Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System

There are some obvious reasons to upgrade your air conditioning system, and some not so obvious. Those of you who dread the warm summer months know the importance of maintaining an efficient cooling system. Your air conditioner or AC systems has an average lifespan of about 15 years depending on make, model, usage, maintenance schedule, and other factors. But should you upgrade even if your system isn’t on its last legs? We’ll discuss below.

1. Save Money in the Long Run

A new, efficient air conditioner can indeed save money in your home or business. The amount saved depends on many factors, your property’s insulation and shading, the age and size of your current AC system, as well as preferred temperature settings, tri list a few. Your HVAC unit is the most used appliance on your property in most cases. It can pay off to make sure you have the most efficient system available. According to the Department of Energy, newer systems use anywhere from 20% to 50% less energy, even then some that aren’t that old. Estimate how much of your electricity bill is used by the air conditioner. One of the easiest ways to guess is to compare your bills during months when the AC is not in use or used very little. Next, imagine a reduction of 20% to 50% of that amount to see how much you can save right off the bat.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality

Upgrade your air conditioner system because it might be contaminating your home. The distinct scenario is when you forget to change the air filters on time or not at all. Even those of you who do may still find that contaminants have entered the system through the coils, condenser, outdoor unit, and any other number of entry points. These contaminants build, and the result is indoor air as polluted as much as the outdoor air. A new unit makes all of this go away and is especially beneficial for those of you with anyone on the property suffering from allergies or other respiratory illnesses.

What was the best equipment 10 years ago is easily overshadowed by modern, more efficient A/C and heat pump systems.

3. It Increases the Value of Your Home

Any of you who have recently bought or sold a home know one of the first questions asked is, “how is the air conditioner?” The answer better had to be favorable, or you would probably not buy the home or see the likelihood of selling yours at your asking price diminish. A new air conditioner can increase the value of your property by far more than the price tag. Some estimates put a new air conditioner adding up to 12% in the amount to a home. Again doing the math, that’s a whopping $12,000 for every $100,000 your home is worth.

4. Avoid Breakdowns

The decision to upgrade your air conditioning system is easier if you suspect it is likely to break down. No one likes to be stuck in a stuffy, hot house during a heat wave. However, as experts we can tell you a breakdown usually occurs during a period of peak use. A few signs of imminent air conditioner break down include:

  • Stange noises coming from unit including rattling or moaning.
  • Unit powers on and off unexpectedly.
  • Unit runs for longer than normal.
  • Inconsistent room temperatures or “hot pockets.”
  • Poor indoor air quality or musty smell.
  • Unexpected increases in power bills.

We encourage you to call a trusted professional if any of the above occurs, or if you feel your air conditioner may be on the verge of a breakdown.

5. It’s Better for the Environment

Today’s HVAC standards require air conditioners to be more efficient than ever before. Additionally, this investment will reduce carbon monoxide emissions coming from your home or business. However, not all makes and models are created equal. When shopping around for a new AC system, get data on its energy efficiency. An easy way to do so it to make sure your considered unit meets or exceeds Energy Star® certification guidelines. These models can be as high as 15% more efficient than those that aren’t. You may also seek assistance through Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs that offer special financing and help put these units within financial reach for those needing aid. Finally, Energy Star models often come with estimates, graphs, and more to show how much each unit costs to run on average.

Don’t Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System Alone

We can professionally select and install your new, efficient air conditioning system, as well as address many other related needs for your home or business. Our service area includes all of northern and central New Jersey as well as Eastern PA. This service area includes Warren County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County, and Morris County. Feel free to contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on a new air conditioning system or servicing your existing one.

We even have service plans to keep your new or existing HVAC system operating at it’s peak performance.

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