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How a Geothermal System Works

With the new SEER2 regulations and the Inflation Reduction Act starting to impact families all across the country, energy efficiency is now a dining room table discussion.

How can we save on energy costs and cut our carbon emissions without severely impacting our way of life? Well, technological advancements like heat pumps, ductless systems, and geothermal heating and cooling units are one of the best ways to make that change today.

Geothermal technology used to be a hyper-expensive heating and cooling system that was only available to the rich. Now that it’s been around for a while, it’s more accessible to normal families and people who just want to have proper heating and cooling without the high energy costs. It turns out that sourcing heat energy from the ground is both easy and cost-effective.

Today, we’ll show you how geothermal heating and cooling in Hampton, NJ will keep your home comfortable and efficient for years to come.

Ambient Heat Underground

The earth’s crust contains many layers of rock and sediment beneath us. There are also caverns and caves down there, and we’re all probably familiar with the cool, damp air that comes from an underground cavern. That’s because the earth’s crust is shielded primarily from both the sun and the weather of the seasons. This makes it ripe for temperature control.

The air could be below freezing outdoors, but underground it’s going to remain a comfy 50° year round, due to the fact that nothing changes underground. These temperatures have been this way for millions or billions of years, and they’re not really changing. This means there’s easily accessible heat energy underneath your property that a geothermal system could take advantage of with heat pump refrigerant lines.

The Power to Cool

The utility of a geothermal system doesn’t just stop with heating, it’s also a powerful air conditioner. Remember, when temperatures reach the upper 90s in the summer, it’s still around 50° underground, which means your heat pumps have access to cooler temperatures where they can deposit heat and bring cool air into your home.

Basically, the geothermal system works all year round to keep your home comfortable with the vast well of comfortable thermal energy underground.

The Benefits of a Geothermal Unit

Now that you know how it works and where that heat comes from, let’s talk about some unique benefits to these systems.

  • Longevity. A geothermal heating and cooling system has two components that last different amounts of time. The heat pump components will last for 10-15 years, while the underground pipes and systems can last upwards of 50 years due to the fact that they don’t move very much and are protected by thick layers of sediment.
  • Energy efficiency. A geothermal heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work very hard to push such moderate temperatures between your home and the area beneath your property, so your energy bills will always be affordable.
  • Eco-friendly. Did we mention that these systems are all electric and powerful enough to keep any home comfortable? They’re the perfect solution for a homeowner trying to be more eco-conscious.

You can always count on Schaible’s Plumbing & Heating Inc. for your geothermal needs. Contact us today!

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