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Yes, Your Ducts Might Be the Problem

Have you ever been confounded by a technical problem with a computer, or perhaps your car, and you finally realized that it was just one pesky component that seemed to malfunction on a whim?

Perhaps you had a loose plug in your computer, or your car was missing a wheel bearing and the whole thing was wonky.

Well, this is why HVAC work is so technically precise: there are many intricate components in your heating system that all have to work together in order for things to function correctly.

One of those components is your air duct system. This is the pathway that all of the air created from your heating or cooling system must travel, and if it’s in bad shape, then you’re not going to be too happy with your home comfort.

You could have the best heating system in Hunterdon County, NJ, but without having ducts in good shape, you’ll be lucky to feel a fraction of that heat when it finally reaches the room you’re in.

Leaking Air Ducts Are Never Good

If your home has leaking air ducts, then you probably know all too well the problems that come with them.

Air ducts are just supposed to bring the air to where it needs to end up, and if they leak or encounter problems, it’s usually due to the fact that they’ve got holes, rips, gaps, and other issues that need to be resolved. Here are the basic problems with leaking air ducts.

  • Air quality problems. Even though we might be worried about air leaking out, contaminants can leak into your HVAC system, like dust and dirt. If the leak is in your unfinished basement or crawlspace, you could be breathing air that’s not as clean as the air in the rest of your home.
  • Efficiency issues. Your HVAC system, no matter how energy efficient it is, will work harder to keep your home comfortable if a percentage of the air is leaking into areas where you can’t feel it.
  • Poor comfort control. If you’re fiddling with the thermostat over and over again because you just can’t get comfortable, this could be due to a duct leak. Air duct leaks can lead to up to 30% of conditioned or heated air leaking out of the system into places you won’t be, so that can lead to a pretty uncomfortable home.

Invest in Professional Duct Care

It’s never a bad idea to call a professional for support. We can take a look at your whole HVAC system and give you some recommendations on what to do. Whether your ducts need service or your HVAC system is what really needs attention, only a licensed HVAC technician can diagnose the issue.

Or, Invest in a Ductless System!

You don’t have to utilize ducts in your home. In fact, you can upgrade today to a ductless heat pump system so that you never have to worry about pesky duct problems ever again! These units are sleek, efficient, and most importantly, don’t use air ducts at all!

Contact Schaible’s Plumbing & Heating Inc. to have your home’s HVAC system or air ducts inspected.

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