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The Caustic Concern With Chemical Drain Cleaners

Monday, March 20th, 2023

Chemical drain cleaners can prey on some of our innate sensibilities. They represent an easy solution to a difficult problem, and they come in colorful bottles that offer wild promises.

You might see one that says “clogs gone in 30 minutes” or something else that says “safer than other brands,” but the truth is that there is no evidence to back up any of these claims. Or rather, they’re selling points to get you to purchase a product that doesn’t work very well.

You’ve probably heard about how chemical drain cleaners don’t work, but what if we told you that they actually hurt your plumbing system and you?

These chemicals are a lot more insidious than they let on, and we’re here to help inform our customer base about some of the problems that might be lurking beneath the surface.

If you’ve got a clogged drain in Somerville, NJ, then do yourself a favor and avoid these chemicals at all costs.

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