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Why Invest in a Heat Pump?

Have you ever marveled at the technology of a heat pump when watching a cool tech demo video online? You wouldn’t be the first person.

There’s a sort of admiration human beings have for new technology, especially technology that helps improve our lives, save energy, and even work to avert the climate crisis.

Heat pumps are one of those systems, like electric cars and smartphones, where we could see a lot more people using them in the coming few decades. They’re highly efficient, extremely effective at what they do, and there are a ton of incentives to by one right now.

The only problem you might encounter as a new customer is the fact that a heater installation in Hunterdon County, NJ, no matter what system it is, is going to require professional service.

How They Work

Heat pumps work exceptionally well for what they’re designed to do. They work similarly to a central air conditioning system, except in reverse! We know, that might be hard to understand, but stay with us.

The system cycles refrigerant from the outside of your home to the inside of it, and vice versa. It also evaporates and condenses this refrigerant, causing it to draw in heat and disperse the heat at will.

This means that your heat pump effectively takes heat from the outdoors and brings it inside during the winter. And then, in the summertime, you can turn it to cooling mode where it takes heat from the inside of your home and disperses it outdoors. And voila! You’ve got year-round comfort.

4 Factors to Consider

Here are four factors that might sway you when considering a heat pump.

  • Efficiency. Heat pumps run on electricity, and they also don’t require too much to run, which means they’re some of the most efficient systems on the market.
  • Year-round comfort. Like we mentioned above, a heat pump is both a heating and cooling unit, replacing your old AC as well as your heating system if you decide to invest in one.
  • Electrical. With investments in our infrastructure and sustainable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric, electricity will become cheaper over time.
  • They come in ductless form. Did we mention that heat pumps can also be installed as ductless mini splits? These systems can work without air ducts, giving you cooled or heated air in specific strategic areas of your home.

Rebates and Tax Credits

One important consideration to make when investing in a new heating system is the cost of it. Heat pumps are more expensive than other heating systems, primarily because of their complex technology and high efficiency levels.

However, there are many programs that are putting out incentives for customers to buy these systems, since it lowers our dependency on fossil fuels and saves your local municipality energy.

Make sure you look for tax credits and rebates that can help cut the cost of a new heat pump down considerably. There are certainly many tools available, especially after the new year!

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