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How Furnace Services Keep Your Energy Bills Low

You might think that a furnace tune-up is unnecessary. Does it really matter if you skip the service this year? While you may not notice any obvious negatives right away, skipping out on heater maintenance can have a major impact on efficiency over the lifespan of your heater.

Investing in furnace service in Hampton, NJ, means that you are also investing in energy efficiency. And you’ll see a major return on this investment over the lifespan of your furnace. You can keep reading to learn more about energy efficiency in furnaces and how regular tune-ups can save you money every single year.

Seal Air Leaks

During a maintenance appointment we look at ways to keep heat from escaping your home. The better that your home is sealed and insulated, the more heat will stay inside. We can talk to you about insulation if we feel like your home needs more and look at ways to seal holes. 

For example, we will inspect your ductwork and seal any holes where heat is escaping before blowing into your home. However, it’s also important to check windows and doors to ensure that those seals are secure as well. We can make suggestions during our maintenance appointment. 

Keep the Unit Clean

A maintenance appointment is also an opportunity to make sure that the inside of your furnace is clean. You might be surprised to learn that dust and dirt can have a major impact on how efficiently your furnace is able to heat up your home. Dirt can get into the tiniest crevices where there should be lubrication to help parts move together smoothly. 

Dust and dirt can mix with lubrication to create a grime that leads to unusual sounds, higher energy costs, and wear and tear to your unit. Plus, Dust and dirt also continue cycling back through your home, mixing in with clean air to lower the indoor air quality. This can cause problems like getting sick more often or suffering from allergy symptoms.

Identify Problems Early

There’s also an opportunity to identify problems inside of your furnace before you even know they are there. For example, you may have a belt just beginning to loosen up. It may not yet be making a squealing sound, and thankfully hasn’t snapped in half to knock around inside of your furnace. 

By replacing the belt before it becomes an actual problem, you can prevent a lot of unnecessary damage to your furnace. If you allow the same belt to remain in place and loosen up more, it can affect how well the associated component (like a fan or blower) is able to work in providing heat to your home. 

Plus, if the belt snaps off, it can cause damage to other components inside of your furnace, leading to higher repair bills. And when components are not all working together as efficiently as possible, your furnace is working harder in other ways to make up the difference, resulting in undue strain and long-term wear and tear that cannot necessarily be reversed.

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