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Evey A, This week

Great service, fast response! Ryan, the technician and his apprentice were amazing! Personable, kind, and knowledgeable, as well as fair. They finished both repairs (sink leak and furnace) in a timely matter and were very thorough! Will be using this company again!

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Maria Palchanes, This week

Very professional and very punctual on appointment- also good quality of services

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Charles Bivona, This week

We highly recommend Schaibles. When our old boiler failed Schaibles helped us choose a replacement that we could later convert from oil to gas. They were consultative and not sales driven. We chose an Energy Kinetics System 2000 boiler. We contacted 5 companies and Schaibles was the most through and reasonably priced. (The county permit to run the gas took 6 months to get, which is why we had to buy an oil burning boiler and convert later). I visited the company's facility to drop off the deposit check and was impressed with what I saw there. We especially liked the fact that Schaibles had so many technicians available. The installation of the boiler went extremely smoothly and was completed in one day. The later conversion to gas was more complicated and involved getting a permit and multiple visits by the gas company, township inspectors and of course Schaibles' technicians. Schaibles guided us through every step of the process. Every employee was professional, thorough and reliable. We are very happy with our decision to choose Schaibles and Energy Kinetics. We would recommend both to our friends.

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Louise Giardelli, Last week

Technicians were professional , very friendly , thorough , and on time. They tested my water, and serviced my water softener ! I highly recommend them !

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Patrick Shuba, Last week
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Arden Miller, Last week

Ryan was a true professional. Was able to solve the problem quickly and mindful of keeping my house clean and running well. I would feel relieved to have him back again if an issue arose.

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Lara Golombuski, Last week
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Avishai Shoham, Last week

Fantastic service - great communication and timely. Highly recommmended

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Stacey Kozura, This month

Ryan from Schiables came to my home this week to look at my oil furnace that wasn't turning on. Ryan was extremely knowledgeable and did a very thorough job checking out the furnace. I would highly recommend Ryan from Schiables to anyone with an oil furnace. He truly went above and beyond.

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Garry Peabody, This month
A Schaible's Plumbing & Heating Inc. service truck.

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