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Frank DiGiovanni's Profile Image
Frank DiGiovanni, This month

Great friendly profession service. I've used Schaible for our water treatment. They keep you serviced regularly so that you do not forget to get things like your water softener or neutralizer serviced. They call and setup reminders for when it's due. Their pricing is very competitive.

Philip Nacamuli's Profile Image
Philip Nacamuli, This month

I was getting quotes for a water main repair and the ones that I was getting where extremely expensive because they all quoted a brand new water main. They all quoted a new line since nobody knew where the leak was because there was no water puddling on the surface. Dane from Schaible's came to my house and surveyed the job and said he would prepare an estimate. The next day Dane called me because he was torn between giving a quote to replace the line or one to just repair the line. Problem was that no one knew where the leak was. Dane suggested I contact Troy from GPR One Call who are underground location experts to see if they may be able to locate it. I spoke with Troy and after speaking with him I contracted him for a small nominal fee to came to the house see if he could locate the underground leak. Troy used an extremely sensitive acoustic listening device that he placed on the ground and listened for sound activity. In about 1/2 hour he was able to localize a place where the leak may be because there was quite a bit of noise underground in one specific area. The area was also right in line with the water main to the house so I figured here's a good place to start. A re-contacted Dane who gave me a single estimate for excavating and a line fix which was 1/3 the price of the all other estimate I had gotten. When the digging started everyone was skeptical that we would find anything. As they slowly dug deeper, Eureka, water started bubbling up! Everyone was amazed that the line leak was exactly where Troy had pinpointed it. It was pretty amazing not to mention VERY cost effective. Troy did an excellent job localizing the leak. Dane did an excellent job coordinating the work and the Schaible's crew did an excellent job digging down to the leak and repairing it. I would recommend them to anyone who has a similar water main issue, or for any plumbing issue for that matter. And if Dane never recommended Troy (at no fee by the way), I probably would have been paying through the nose for an entirely new water main.

Rajeev Vadehra's Profile Image
Rajeev Vadehra, This month

James did a thorough job of servicing the unit including performing certain tests to make sure the unit was performing as expected.
Excellent service & phone support!

Richard Bender's Profile Image
Richard Bender, This month

On time. Good service. Water softener maintenance. Explained everything that he was doing.

Jaime and Patrick Keith's Profile Image
Jaime and Patrick Keith, Last month

We couldn't have been happier with the professionalism and knowledge of this company. We have been needing a service and was having a hard time getting anyone out - my husband called them on a Friday and the appointment was set for Monday. The gentlemen that came (especially Tim) were great - walked us through everything (as it turned out we needed more than just a cleaning). They put mats down throughout the house and kept us informed of both price and things they were doing. They were prepared to fix just about anything with the parts already in the van (no waiting for them to order something).I would recommend this company 100%!!!

Wade Strober's Profile Image
Wade Strober, Last month

Great professional work. Recommended by a neighbor who was also very satisfied with their work

Lostumbo's Profile Image
Lostumbo, Last month

My hot water heater started leaking Friday night at 6:00 p.m. The men came the next morning at 9:00 a.m. and installed a new hot water heater. The work was neat and clean and they picked up after themselves. I thought the price was high for a 50 gal. water heater at $3,950.00 approximately.

Margaret Dailey's Profile Image
Margaret Dailey, Last month

They installed a reverse osmosis system and installed a natural gas line to my grill on the deck. The workers were efficient and courteous. They took steps to ensure that there was no damage to my house. I certainly will use Schaible's Plumbing again.

Denise Fattori's Profile Image
Denise Fattori, Last month

Used them for a client and they were awesome!

kevin denman's Profile Image
kevin denman, Last month

Installed and serviced a water softener. Both service people were on time, professional looking , polite and knowledgeable. This company operates with a lot of integrity. Don't think twice about doing business with them.

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